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The genius called J. K Rowling!

Have you read the Harry Potter series?

If you are an avid reader, there is no way that you would have missed hearing about or reading the harry potter series by this incredible children author. J K Rowling was born in Yale in England. Her date of birth is July 31st 1965. This fifty and odd year old author is one poised for a lot of grace not because she has the innate talent and the intelligence to understand then psychology of children and the people at large but in major part to her philanthropic nature. She supports a lot of charities and is one author who has given away more than what she decided to keep with herself!

Author, but a woman and a mother first:

This wonderful mother of three, one daughter and two sons loves to connect with children and she believes in the magic of magic! Her harry potter series is predominantly a plot that is woven not just with magic as its focal point but also magically woven to understand the finer nuances of human beings. Follow this link to get the contact numbers for telecoms companies now.

The humble beginning:

Rowling had a humble beginning but she was determined to make it big and this was really obvious because of the immense amount of importance that she gave to educating herself. She wanted to become a writer and that is precisely why she travelled so far to educate herself in something that she was passionate about.

Her mother’s death:

Rowling drew an immense amount of strength from her mother and the untimely death of her mother due to the condition called multiple sclerosis left her shattered. She was going through a low and that is probably one of the reasons that gave her an impetus to succeed beyond the imagination of a lot of people.

Her marriage, child birth and then divorce:

Rowling married and had a baby in 1993. But a couple of years later applied for a divorce and was granted one. This was also the time that she was with a toddle rand really no means of livelihood that she decided to take up a job as a teacher in a nearby school. The salary she drew was not so great and so she started on something that had been her pet project for a long-long time.

The inspiration for harry potter:

Rowling says that the inspiration for Harry Potter actually came to her when she was taking a train journey and while she became very serious about writing down the accounts of the young wizard buy Harry Potter, ideas started coming to her and she eventually made it.

Harry potter is one of the history’s biggest film franchises:

Not only is the Harry Potter book series the most popular children’s book but the book also has the rare distinction of becoming the first and the biggest film franchises that have been directed in the history of cinema. The series is a seven book one and Rowling has done a wonderful job in keeping the curiosity of the reader intact throughout the series.

It rarely happens this way. In fact, a lot of readers find that some authors can never really create the same magic as their first book into their subsequent ones, and harry potter was a great exception to this.

It brought back the love of books to the kids:

The most heartening thing that the harry potter series did was it reincarnated the love that kids used to have for books. They were so irresistible and full of magic that once the reading kid picked it up, it was almost unput-downable till it was actually over.

And a big secret that I would like to let out just now is that while I was still waiting for the next book in the series, I used to reread the previous one over an d over many times and now I can even remember what each character was and what he spoke!

Rowling is an accomplished novelist:

In 2012, Rowling wrote another ground breaking novel called the Casual Vacancy. The book did quite well and sold five million copies worldwide.

The success tells us quite a story:

If there is something that we need to learn from the life of this talented author, then it is that you don’t have to be born rich but what will see you though is a lot of courage and the will to succeed notwithstanding the passion that is within you. You just need to harness it from within you. You do things well because you have a passion for it not because you want to prove a point to the world!

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